Saturday, June 17, 2023

What in the Hell Happened to Majik?

I tell you, no good deed...

MajikVixen's Best Buy Geek Squad Experience

...goes unpunished.

It actually might be more like "what in the fuck happened to Lal III (and my fighting Google, fishing, NW blogging, and etc. on all things I ever gave one iota shit about)?"

IDFK.  Call it karma for me being the asshat who hurts others too much by endlessly calling them out on their shit too fucking much, or whatever, in the name of vigilante justice.  Call it the universe's sick joke.  Call it whatever you want ...all I know is that it fucking happened (and will have no choice but to stabilize soon).  I'm kinda grateful, but more shocked and frustrated, TBH.

Here's this, if you're curious on more:

...There've been too many RL changes, for me, all at once.
...But I'm spent for now, tho.

Thank you, dear readers.  Please continue to take care of yourselves, enjoy SL, and I'll ninja back as soon as I can.
We'll have more fun and laughs and idiocy.  Promise.  Not dead yet.  Metamorphosis is just awfully painful sometimes.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

The LGH Kingdom of DGAF (Don't Give A Fish)

The LGH Kingdom of DGAF (Don't Give A Fish) by MajikVixen

Elanna Althouse took over Wili Clip's "newspaper" job after I left and I guess Sophina Starchild stuck her fingers into bigger pies... While Elanna wanted to write a piece for Wili on every Linden Gold Hunt kingdom...

Although our kingdom members are all equals, for the game's sake, my husband, Samael, is the "king" of DGAF (Don't Give A Fish).  Oddly enough, he doesn't like SL (and needless to say, he doesn't even fish or hunt anymore for LGH).  I did convince him to get the Deluxe rod on the quest once, and he still has it ...But since one of the many previous LGH server hacks, he has absolutely no desire to pick it back up.  He also thinks "there's no point to SL because there are just about a billion other games that have WAY nicer graphics - that don't tax your computer, don't cost nearly as much money to play, and have WAY less drama and bullshit," LOL!  He's adamant that if I were to ever go play WoW (or practically anything else), I'd be idolized because I'm actually female, LOL!  ...However, I believe he still comes into SL for my sake, as I tenaciously refuse to give up something I'm addicted to, and as a gamer himself, he more than respects that.  He will also pay for things and let me take the credit, he will make potions when we need them (if he can, or he just runs errands and buys them for us), and he will also step in to resolve matters (not just for me, but for the ppl I care about).  ...You could call that leadership or love, depending on your perspective.

...Well, so, anyway... This is the conversation that Samael and Elanna had:

[2023/05/08 09:18]  ਹȱƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (JonCernunnos): Hello
[2023/05/08 09:18]  Elanna Althouse: (busy response): HI :) writing :)   go ahead and send your NC, I'm fine with that, and if you need a NC from me with questions, can I send it to when you are offline? Leave a message. thanks :)   *or I fell asleep lol* 
[2023/05/08 09:18]  ਹȱƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (JonCernunnos): You said you needed kingdom leaders to IM you?
[2023/05/08 09:18]  Elanna Althouse: getting your NC :)
[2023/05/08 09:19]  ਹȱƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (JonCernunnos): Actually
[2023/05/08 09:19]  Elanna Althouse: yes
[2023/05/08 09:19]  ਹȱƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (JonCernunnos): I have an out of the box answer for everything
[2023/05/08 09:19]  Elanna Althouse: ok?
[2023/05/08 09:19]  ਹȱƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (JonCernunnos): Just let them know they can IM me or wife with any/all questions and we'll be happy to answer everything
[2023/05/08 09:20]  Elanna Althouse: ok.
[2023/05/08 09:20]  ਹȱƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (JonCernunnos): Great. Thank you. Have a nice day!
[2023/05/08 09:20]  Elanna Althouse: you too

After some time, Elanna also IMed me:

[2023/05/21 03:26]  Elanna Althouse: Hey sweetie, one-of-the DGAF-kingdom-members (name crossed out name for privacy reasons) said I should send you the questions for the Kingdom article :)
[2023/05/21 03:26]  Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/b788a7ea-1b27-4395-8ad8-b7144d302623/about has given you this notecard:
 Do you want to keep it? "Mute" will block all future offers or messages from secondlife:///app/agent/b788a7ea-1b27-4395-8ad8-b7144d302623/about.
[2023/05/21 03:27]  ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (MajikVixen Lorefield): We want all readers to IM us with these questions so we can be more personal.  Thank you
[2023/05/21 03:27]  ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (MajikVixen Lorefield): You should print that
[2023/05/21 03:27]  Elanna Althouse: ok, that is what your hubby said too.  :)   Eden told me to send it you :)
[2023/05/21 03:28]  Elanna Althouse: ok I will print that :)
[2023/05/21 03:28]  ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (MajikVixen Lorefield): Ok, thanks
[2023/05/21 03:30]  Elanna Althouse: Oh and the questions won't be included lol.    I am just going to tell them to im for more questions.  I can't list the questions alone.   :)   have a great day Majik :)
[2023/05/21 03:30]  ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (MajikVixen Lorefield): Great, thank you
[2023/05/21 03:30]  Elanna Althouse: yvw :)
[2023/05/21 03:33]  Elanna Althouse: ...btw, I don't have to put the article about your kingdom out on wili's blog at all.   just fyi.   my big articles go on my own blog, and I link from wili's blog.
[2023/05/21 03:34]  Elanna Althouse: if you wanted an article.... but wanted nothing to do with his blog, I can do that too.   just fyi.   :)    have a great day :)
[2023/05/21 03:34]  ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (MajikVixen Lorefield): It's fine to put our answer in whatever LGH kingdom blog... Just, that's our answer, lol
[2023/05/21 03:34]  Elanna Althouse: ok :)  just wanted you to know you have an option :)

Now... It wasn't to say that we're not appreciative of being included in an event like this.  It's actually that:
  • We want to be a bit more personal with everyone:
    • Wouldn't you feel more motivated if you got ALL your questions answered personally, straight from the horse's mouth, rather than getting it from ...a website?
    • If we're all on the same page, goals can be achieved much better.  In business and sales, they teach you that a personal approach and relating to the potential customer is way more successful... why the fuck wouldn't it be for a kingdom as well?
    • And on an even more personal note ...Although I respect Wili as the creator of my favorite game... I can't say that I agree with him on ALL his decisions.  In fact, based on my personal experience with the matter: fuck his newspapers.  And although I also think I respect Elanna (from the little interaction we've had and the information I've received), I'd much rather have the Google clicks on my blog, TYVM ...I mean, makes sense, right?  Our kingdom, our land (so far, anyway)... and so... my blog.  *shrugs*  ...Oh yeah, and fuck Wili's newspapers!  xD  \m/
  • Drawing attention or bragging is unnecessary:
    • ...I can't seem to be successful at spraying attention-be-gone all the time, tho.  I mean, I'm not gonna say this shit publicly in SL, but like, you clicked and came here, of your own free will to my territory ...and I always rock the first amendment and piss on discrimination... so... LOL!  You take your own responsibility for wearing Majik-colored glasses and either revel in my personal honesty or just fuck right back off to your fake-ass world of shiny ppl, delusions of control, and unicorns!  xD  \m/  ♥
    • It's human nature, unfortunately, to pick on and tear apart successful ppl out of jealousy.  We are a sanctuary so very far away from all that shit.  You only give things power when you acknowledge them.  And if you don't put it in your mind, it doesn't matter.  Instead, focus on and acknowledge the good, and the universe gives you MORE of that.  So why waste your time with negativity?  ...Because you're not intelligent enough to think differently?  Come on, now, that's silly.  I believe in you!  -Anyone who can function in SL is smart and creative!  You deserve to think better and attract the best out of any life!
    • Understandably, we're a bit cautious.  I mean, anyone can join any kingdom.  Even undesirables like alt spies or trouble-makers, for example.  We can definitely have them booted, but we wish to keep that bullshit down to a minimum.  

However, to give credit where it is due, I will share with you Elanna's thought-provoking NC:

"I'm on a thrilling quest to write the ultimate series of articles about Kingdoms, and I'd be ecstatic to feature every kingdom! 

"And just a little heads-up: if I don't receive the required goodies from you, I'll simply copy the info from your kingdom's web page and add a teeny-tiny note saying that the kingdom chose to skip the party and not participate in the article.  Thanks, and let's make this an unforgettable article together!


Followed by her open-ended questions... which I guess I will attempt to very unfairly answer, with the disclaimer that: I actually think you'd get better responses if you did IM one of us:

  • How does the Kingdom of DGAF (Don't Give A Fish) embrace its laid-back, carefree philosophy for its members?
    • Weighing the triage of real problems versus first world problems.
    •  Being grateful.  You need to eat protein and ruffage to live.  You don't need gravy ...But gravy is always nice to have!
    • If you aren't nagging ppl all the time and aren't up their ass constantly, they're more willing to open up to you and work with you on common goals.  This is called trust and respect.  And, ye gawds, I think SL could certainly use more of it!
    • Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement... Positive thinking... and anything else anyone wants to share with the rest of the class.  We're open to discussion with all ... or not.  We DGAF.  Just be happy and don't stress!

  • What inspired you to establish the Kingdom of DGAF, and how has it evolved since its inception?
    • Samael saw how unhappy I was in RL, having been used and backstabbed as a long-time co-leader of Queen's new Potheads, and so he thought he'd lead me into another door of opportunity by his "stop giving a fuck" idea of a kingdom.
    • Samael got some of his idea from my old bulk potion maker.
    • We didn't expect to get any members.  I was okay with being the only active member in the kingdom.  But the old bulk potion maker stepped in to teach us some things.  To my surprise, some also saw how I helped run the reincarnated Potheads and followed me to DGAF ... Just like most of them followed Adena to Nutty Bunch, previously.  Plus, we have picked up random awesomes along this yellow brick road too.
    • So far we have done very well.  All of our active members are at the top of every stats list and, to date, we have the largest treasury in all the kingdoms ...So... we must be doing something right.  :p

  • How do the members of the Kingdom of DGAF support one another, without any formal group structure?
    • How does anyone with a formal group support one another?  Is everyone really engaged all the time, or is it just a bunch of ultimatums and bullshit?
    • Direct IMs make it easy to tell what actually matters.
    • We value integrity  ...We just DGAF if anyone else doesn't have it, and we'll keep on showing them how it's done. 

  • How do you ensure that the kingdom's tax earnings are channeled back into LGH for the benefit of all?
    • Take care of the kingdom, and the kingdom takes care of itself.
    • An alliance here and there may help *cough-coughs about Royal Fishdom + Nutty Bunch, Shark Isle + Unity, and Potheads + ...*  ...yeah, IDK.  Those SL Amazons and Wal-Marts sure are taking care of the LGH economy, aren't they?  And they seem to get stupid jealous when the little mom and pop shops not only survive the pandemic but thrive.  ...Hmm.  Makes you think.

  • How do you recruit new members and maintain the relaxed, chill atmosphere of the Kingdom of DGAF?
    • Usually someone will ask one of us about it.  We don't push it onto anyone.  The right ppl will come along when they're ready.  Nobody needs their time wasted.
    • Out of respect for our current members, new members are usually discussed with current members, beforehand.
    • If a new member joins without having talked with any of us, we will reach out to them and follow thru with previously mentioned points. 
    • If they're unresponsive and seem like an alt spy or otherwise disrespectful twat, they're booted.  No qualms.
    • As for me, personally, I'll take quality over quantity any day.  But I'm also not judgmental... It's fun to teach someone who really wants to learn and is motivated!  Newbie or oldbie.  ...I can't speak for any of the other members, tho.  They're equals and individuals.  You'd have to ask them, if you can figure out who they are.  ;)

  • What are some memorable moments and achievements the Kingdom of DGAF has experienced?
    • These stories are more meant for a personal discussion, really.  They involve rules and not giving a fuck, a lot  ...I'm actually referencing hilarious entertainment that shouldn't be divulged publicly... LMAO
    • Well... Ok... here's a very short tidbit... Samael took one of our fishing rod flags and attached it to his penis area... and then scripted it to twitch.  Bwahahaha!  ...You may have one too, when you join.  xD

  • How do you envision the future growth and development of the Kingdom of DGAF while maintaining its laid-back character?
    • Gravy. 

  • What unique qualities set the Kingdom of DGAF apart from other kingdoms in the Cyber Society?
    • If it's not obvious by now, then I DGAF on providing an answer.  :p

  • How does your kingdom's carefree attitude contribute to the larger Cyber Society community?
    • IDK... but it's certainly entertaining, isn't it?  ...Wait, what?  It's not?  Maybe you weren't playing the game correctly, then... or, maybe we just DGAF.  Either way... *shrug*  :p

Sunday, May 7, 2023

NeverWish for It to Merely Be a Fantasy

This is a story, not unlike many others, about the purest and truest bond of love...

NeverWish for It to Merely Be a Fantasy by MajikVixen

...Between family members, between childhood friends, between lovers, and even between someone and their beloved pet...

All those that learn and grow together, to give life more meaning.

They give life more meaning by MajikVixen
♥ story by MajikVixen
They met as innocent little turds by MajikVixen

...They met as innocent little turds, running around, discovering the world together, and unknowingly causing amock, with much glee and great delight!
Oh, is that how time works? by MajikVixen
"Oh, is that how time works?"

...Hurry up, gotta show you something! by MajikVixen

"Who cares?  ...Hurry up, I gotta show you something!"  ;)

"...Isn't it beautiful?"

Isn't it beautiful? by MajikVixen

"Yes, indeed," she concurred... about themselves, about magic, about life ...about everything, really.

...They later found themselves in a neo-Venice...

Shall we swim? by MajikVixen

"Shall we swim?"

"We don't have to... Look!" she pointed to a boat...
A life raft by MajikVixen
"touchy the boat"

"Oh, let's!"

And before they knew it, the peaceful tour took them to a completely different and mesmerizing place...

WooHoo tree by MajikVixen

"This place is my favorite color!"

"Even the statues know what's up!" she agreed... and they both appreciated the analogy.

Celebrate everything by MajikVixen

...Everything is a miracle that's definitely worth celebrating!

Why it's officially called "WooHoo! Bay" by MajikVixen

"I wonder what else is around here," she marveled.

NeverWish at WooHoo! Bay by MajikVixen

"Oh, look what I found!" she beckoned to the other with adoration.

"Oh, yes, let's take a piece of this place with us, and then we will always be connected!" she smiled.

Inside NeverWish @ Fantasy Faire! by MajikVixen

And so, they both went inside and fell in love with the glow that thrived against the darkness!

"Oh, look at this!" she exclaimed.

NeverWish Crystal Castle Fatpack by MajikVixen

"Oh, it's beautiful and perfect!" the other squealed with joy!

"Shall we take a closer look at it before we buy it?" she thought out loud, "...Says we can go here to do so..."

There's even a RFL version! by MajikVixen

"...Oh, it's for a noble and good cause!  ...In buying this, we're going to help fund cancer research," she continued.

"What's that, now?" the other was a bit enchanted and bewildered all at once.

"...We'll give hope to all, by helping fight the terrible, invisible monster that wants to deprive everyone of the good that makes everything worthwhile," she solemnly replied.

"That's, oh, so lovely!  I know exactly how to do this, follow me!" she giggled with wide, glowing eyes, showing the other that she nabbed the huge package... 

Excited dragonfly footprints by MajikVixen

...And in clutching the package closely to their hearts and holding hands, they fled to a secret spot in the clouds...

...Where they managed to set up the most exclusive and exquisite safe harbor clubhouse, all for themselves!

Dragons guarding their sacred space by MajikVixen

...They dreamed of what they had accomplished, before attempting more.  :)

Inside by MajikVixen
Stairs by MajikVixen
In the center of it all by MajikVixen
Back by MajikVixen

"...This is nice, isn't it?" she sighed in contentment.

I see something in the tea by MajikVixen

"Very," the other agreed and they literally melted into their teacups...

Siren calls... by MajikVixen
Play ball! by MajikVixen

They felt like they had the whole world in their hands.

Beware, sea serpents! by MajikVixen

...And perhaps they did!

Khumbala Aerial by MajikVixen

...They toured endless topics, everything under the sun, and beyond.

Even tho it was always and inevitably time for bed or other responsibilities...

Sleepies by MajikVixen

...They always made time to get together and revel in their fascinations together.

For, their story was a beacon amidst the cold.

a beacon amidst the cold by MajikVixen

Thomas Kinkade? by MajikVixen

"...Hey, when did we get the Thomas Kinkade?"

Kinkade copy by MajikVixen

Marty Bell? by MajikVixen

"Oh, I thought it was a Marty Bell..."

Marty Bell copy by MajikVixen


...At any rate, the laws of the universe were no match for the depth of their relationship!

Mechanics of the universe by MajikVixen

Because they built an oasis of dreams together!  ♥

Oasis by MajikVixen

...And ruled it!

...of water and air... by MajikVixen

Come with me to the Opera! by MajikVixen

Oh, I'm so glad you came! by MajikVixen

...Until, one day, it seemed that something was not quite right for way too long...

Irony by MajikVixen
Fuck Cancer Thought Bubble by MajikVixen
Fuck Cancer by MajikVixen

...Just WTF do you mean, 'cancer?!' ...(internally), and...

"This is, and always will be you..." she showed her from the magical mirror that knew all.

This is, and always will be you... by MajikVixen

"...Listen to me..."

But which ones wins?  ...The one you feed by MajikVixen

"This is that old Native American story about the 2 battling wolves ... and whatever wolf wins, is the one you feed."

A majestic storm brewed outside... by MajikVixen

...A majestic storm brewed outside, while it was contemplated for a bit...

The whole village by MajikVixen

...The peaceful warrior with the whole village's helpful prayers...

♥ by MajikVixen

...Until, one day, she returned to the mysterious beauty from whence she came...

She returned to the mysterious beauty from whence she came by MajikVixen

...And a veil between the worlds was temporarily lifted, as the presence of the graceful winged ones appeared, to bridge the gap...

The graceful winged ones appeared, to bridge the gap by MajikVixen

...And she gratefully reiterated what they came to remind her of... 

"...We'll always have our castle in the air."

•⊱-*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*-⊰  


-*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*-⊰•

Official Fantasy Faire 2023 Poster resized by MajikVixen
  • This Fantasy Faire edition entry was specially done for NeverWish.  ...If you're also a blogger, please get in touch with me so we can link to each other, thank you!  :)  ♥
  • Fantasy Faire Poster was taken from the FF webby.  Product pictures (in these credits) came directly from NeverWish's media, they're also not mine, please look to Pixie Ruby.  :)
  • Picture backgrounds of Fantasy Faire were taken with the Firestorm Viewer and are raw, because, well... fuck chancing lag & yay for showing off photography skills!  Superimposed images of avatars were taken with the Black Dragon viewer.  Crystal Castle product was taken in both viewers.  Regardless, everything has been fine-tuned in Photoshop.  Thanks go out to anya. (Anya Ohmai) for her very helpful YouTube video.
  • I have 2 monitors, one is a small flat-screen TV with HDMI hook-up and the other is a newer-grade old-school computer monitor from the thrift store (that needed a converter to be connected).  All picture colors/lighting rely on what I see rendered on the TV, as I feel that's newer and what everyone may generally see ...So the disclaimer is that settings may need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • With the exception of NeverWish's Crystal Castle and the superimposed fine-tuning that was done at Zamargad, all pictures were taken at Fantasy Faire 2023.
  • In the interest of reducing overkill redundancy, some things may look like they were omitted, but they were already acknowledged ---> in this post ...Please check it out for further details if you're interested, thank you!  :)
  • All pictures are credited via their alt tags...





Official NeverWish Crystal Castle Fatpack poster resized by MajikVixen

  • WooHoo! Bay region
  • The Obsidian, Amethyst, and Rose quartz are in the fatpack & will be in the mainstore after FF 

Official NeverWish Crystal Castle RFL poster resized by MajikVixen



  • Just showing off more of what can be done when you mix and match NeverWish's Crystal Castle fatpack




♂ Night-Wine
Perma-Pet       ҉ 2389 days     ☻ 89%   ↯ 99%     
Fur: HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Phantasmagoria
Eyes: Phantasm (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Haunted 
Tail: Devil
Ears: Horns
Whiskers: Phantasmagoria (Shape: Plush)
Size: 49 cm  (19.2 inch)
Version: 1.56

♀ Electric-Noire
Perma-Pet       ҉ 1381 days     ☻ 97%   ↯ 73%     
Fur: HeLL-O-Kitteh! - PURRnicious Heart
Eyes: PURRnicious (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Haunted  
Tail: Devil
Ears: Horns
Whiskers: PURRnicious (Shape: Plush)
Size: 45 cm  (17.7 inch)
Version: 1.58




  • Szystrum Synod region
  • ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (MajikVixen Lorefield) x2
    • "[ jintaiya ] *Skeleton -DX- Female colors" (this includes my custom bento pointy teeth and smaller feminine tail) - ϿԿїқї Ṽ (Chiki Vita) (who is super fucking badass and nice) - FF
    • Please note that the wings are not jintaiya's.  I actually bought the purple RFL version from Spider, but they are not bento, like his Ascendant ones that I normally wear.  I manipulated the Ascendant wings the best I could, because he literally told me that a custom for either a texture for Ascendant or to make RFL version bento would be $1k USD (no joke or exaggeration).  We are both aware that what I did looks like Gumby & that I DGAF anymore.  TYVM.  ...Long live the Peach!  \m/
    • "Portal Of The Red Fiery Pentacle (Non-Rez Version)" - Talevin (Talevin Whelan) - MP



  • Opera region
  • For clothing specs, see previous "♥ STORY" & "I SEE SOMETHING IN THE TEA" listings

  • Sambeaubee region
  • For clothing specs, see previous "♥ STORY" & "I SEE SOMETHING IN THE TEA" listings